GP Chemicals Specialty Ltd.

About Us


GP Chemicals Specialty Ltd., is a Canadian owned and operated supplier of the finest chemical products, carefully developed to ensure optimum performance.

We manufacture and market a number of excellent environmentally friendly products and we respond to public demands for something better, safer and cleaner. Our products are designed with the end user in mind in the way they are formulated, dispensed, packed, and stored.

Innovative new products are always being developed to serve the emerging needs of a demanding marketplace. Our commitment is that we will continue to innovate and rethink the criteria for product development in order to make the earth a safer place to live today… and tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Our objective is to identify our customers problems then provide them with the highest quality solutions.  We build and maintain strong customer relationships.

We Care About The Enviroment

Our goal is to reduce and eliminate the environmental impact of its products in order to protect the natural environment. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining the standards established by Environment Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, we uphold the highest ethical standards for the management of chemical products.