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Mechanical Maintenance

Our specialty mechanical maintenance products are engineered to support maintenance functions to increase overall plant/facility reliability. Routine maintenance of equipment saves labour and unnecessary downtime.

Our Products


Penetrating Oil

Penetrating oil, with corrosion inhibitors, frees seized parts as it lubricates and will not leave a sticky residue. Saves production, maintenance and repair time. Guards against future rusting and has 1001 other uses!

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4 IN 1

Super Penetrating Demoisturant

This non-conductive, moisture displacing penetrant/lubricant and rust protector which will quickly dry out wet ignition wires and electrical equipment, can also be used to prevent damage to metal surfaces, due to weld splatter. 4 IN 1 is non-flammable, will leave treated surfaces protected with residual anti-corrosive film.

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Wyte Lube

White Lithium Penetrating Grease

Applied like an oil, lubricates like a grease. WYTELUBE has the ability to penetrate into those hard to reach places. This lithium based, water resistant lube is indispensable, for use in linkages, slides, wheels, shafts, bearings, chains etc. Has a temperature range of 20ºF to 350ºF (-29ºC to 177ºC). Provides non-staining lubrication which will guard surfaces against rust and corrosion.

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Air Duster

Dusting Aid

A high pressure moisture-free dusting aid. Capable of removing microscopic dust, dirt, lint and paper from computer printers, keyboards, camera lenses, scientific equipment, timing devices, instruments and thousands of other pieces of equipment.

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Coil Cleaner

Aerosol Can

A coil cleaner in an aerosol can. A portable, non-acid foam cleaner that blasts deep into air conditioner, heater, refrigeration and dryer coils to loosen and remove grease, dirt, lint and grime. There is no need to rinse. COIL CLEANER will help maintain units at there optimal efficiency. Leaves a clean fragrance throughout.

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Coilkleen 421

Concentrated Air Conditioner Cleaner

Dirty refrigeration or air conditioning units cannot perform at peak efficiency. COIL-KLEEN 421, sprayed onto evaporator and condenser coils removes accumulations of grease, oil, dirt and scale, allowing the system to operate as it should. Super-strength COIL-KLEEN 421 is also economical, as it can be diluted by up to 4 to 1 for use on the average system. Spray on, wash off, and see how effective this product is.

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Kool 100

Metal Working Fluid / Cutting Fluid

A water soluble, non-gumming, non-scouring, medium duty cutting fluid for use in milling, turning, boring, planing and drilling. For use on cast iron, carbon steel, alloys, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, malleable iron and plastics. KOOL 100 prevents corrosion and maintains tool cutting edges. See instructions for dilution rates.

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Non-Chlorinated , Food Grade Silicone Spray

SLYDER can increase production, by reducing friction, in many industrial applications. Waterproof, dry, non-staining, clear film. Heat stable for -40º F to +450ºF. SLYDER is ideal for use as a release agent or on food processing and packaging equipment.

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Strip it

Paint and Varnish Stripper

A highly active paint and varnish remover. STRIP-IT works fast, especially effective on tough finishes such as acrylics, baked enamel, lacquer etc. Applied by brush, mop, spray or soak tank method to wood, concrete, terrazzo, ceramic, stone, masonry, steel, aluminum, brass, copper and other metal surfaces. Available in bulk or aerosol.

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Termalene EP2 Grease

Grease Cartridges

Termalene EP is a severe duty, impact resistant, aluminum complex grease recommended for general lubrication in industrial applications. It will replace most conventional and specialized products, for use in anti-friction bearings, low and high speed bearings, general machinery lubrication, all chassis points including ball and universal joints etc.

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