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Facility Maintenance

Maintaining your facility can feel complicated. Getting it even slightly wrong can mean significant losses in revenue or productivity. Our cleaning product experts truly understand facility maintenance because we’ve been in this industry taking care and helping our customers get the most efficient, effective, and affordable cleaning products on the market.

Our Products

Tech 421

Multipurpose Degreaser and Cleaner

A safe concentrate in which alkalis, synthetic detergents, wetting agents and solvents are combined to produce an unusual formula that is unique in its range of cleaning and degreasing ability in industrial and institutional applications. A minimum amount of TECH 421 diluted with water will clean any washable surface, floors, walls, machinery, vinyl, painted or unpainted surfaces, even wax stripping. Truly a multi purpose degreaser/cleaner.

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Lift Off

Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Degreaser

LIFT OFF is a concentrated degreaser for all floors (not coated with a floor finish) including concrete, ceramic tile and brick. Removes heavy industrial soils like grease, oil and carbon deposits. LIFT OFF has a low foaming formula, suitable for use in auto scrubbers.

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Citra Clean

Biodegradable Cleaner/Degreaser

A heavy duty cleaner/degreaser and deodorizer that is biodegradable, non-caustic and non-butyl. CITRA CLEAN has the ability to dissolve, emulsify and suspend all types of soil conditions leaving behind a fresh, citrus scent. A truly safe alternative to petroleum and chlorinated cleaners.

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QX 9

Cleaner - Degreaser

This non-flammable, fast-acting general-purpose degreaser removes heavy grease, oil, and dirt effectively. Excellent for in plant uses. For use on metal, rubber, plastic, concrete and other hard surfaces. Outperforms most other degreasers.

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Scum Off

Descaler and Cleaner

An extremely effective descaler which removes soap scum, rust stains and lime deposits from shower stalls, grouting, urinals, bowls, bathtubs and all porcelain, ceramic and metal surfaces. This mineral-based acid formulation is harmless to aluminum and stainless steel and may be used to clean metal prior to painting. When used as directed, SCUM OFF is perfectly safe and almost odourless when applied by soaking or swabbing. Ideal for industrial and institutional use.

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Creme Clean

Cream Cleanser

A safe non-acidic, scented cream cleanser, CREME CLEAN require no rinsing, polishes and deodorizes without scratching porcelain and ceramic surfaces, sinks, tubs, shower stalls, table tops, tiles, stainless steel and chrome, leaving them sparkling clean.

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Vandalism Spray

Graffiti Remover

A unique heavy duty clinging gel formula for removing all kinds of vandal marks from hard surfaces such as brick, concrete, stone, tile metal and most painted surfaces. Effective on spray paint, lipstick, ink and markers.

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Aerosol Glass Cleaner

CRYSTAL’S industrial strength formula was developed for the glass industry. Its’ concentrated foam lifts dirt and grime from glass, mirrors, Formica, leather and stainless steel. The no smear, streak or film formula makes cleaning fast, safe and easy.

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