GP Chemicals Specialty Ltd.

Automotive Chemicals

In the cleaning of both commercial and passenger vehicles, we offer high quality product for vehicle care. Your fleet is important, from vehicle washes to engine shampoos we have got you covered.

Our Products

Roll Off

Engine Shampoo

Whenever a steam cleaner or pressure washer is unavailable ROLL-OFF can do the job! Lift trucks, floors, engines, industrial machinery, tools, small parts and grease pits can be quickly cleaned by this concentrated solvent degreaser. Simply spray, dip or brush on, allow a few minutes for ROLL-OFF to penetrate grime and grease; then rinse to reveal a clean surface. Harmless to painted surfaces and rubber hoses.

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Truck Wash

Liquid Detergent

A highly-concentrated liquid transport cleaner which works effectively in hard or soft water. TRUCK WASH 150 cleans road film and exhaust track from trailers, truck bodies, cabs and all road equipment. TRUCK WASH 150 rinses freely, without streaking, only 2 oz. per gallon of water is required for high pressure or tunnel washing.

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