GP Chemicals Specialty Ltd.

Skin Care

We specialize in developing unique formulations of hand cleaners. Gentle hand cleansers for use in the office to industrial cleansers for the grimiest of hands.

Our Products

Liquid Hand Soap

This glycerin and lanolin-rich hand cleaner gentle enough to use on the most sensitive skin, yet is powerful enough to remove dirt and grime with ease. Easy-lathering and pleasantly scented, LATHER may be used in any type of liquid soap dispenser. Available in 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% concentrates for ultimate economy.

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Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

An extra heavy duty lotion hand cleaner with “little scrubbers”. This citrus based hand cleaner uses the natural solvent power of orange citrus to dissolve grease and oil-based soils.

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Powdered Hand Cleaner

A free-flowing, high sudsing powder blend with soap and synthetic detergents. HAN SAN removes stubborn grime, grease, tar, oil, carbon and ink stains. Recommended for use in plants, offices, institutions and garages.

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