GP Chemicals Specialty Ltd.

Industrial Chemical Cleaners

Our products are strong, effective, and reliable. We manufacture cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, lubricants, coolants and paint strippers.

Our Products

Roll Off

Engine Shampoo

Whenever a steam cleaner or pressure washer is unavailable ROLL-OFF can do the job! Lift trucks, floors, engines, industrial machinery, tools, small parts and grease pits can be quickly cleaned by this concentrated solvent degreaser. Simply spray, dip or brush on, allow a few minutes for ROLL-OFF to penetrate grime and grease; then rinse to reveal a clean surface. Harmless to painted surfaces and rubber hoses.

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Rust Remover/Cleaner/Descaler

Dissolves rust and scale from iron and steel, concrete, terrazzo and stone surfaces. Recommended for CIP boiler descaling and phosphatizing. DESCALE may be applied by brush, spray or soak tank method to prepare surface for painting or other protective coating.

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Aluma Brite

Aluminum Brightener

A concentrated powerful acidic cleaner designed to clean and brighten aluminum. Formulated from wetting agents, emulsifiers and selected acids to aid in the removal of oxidizing film, corrosion and surface grime and dirt in one easy operation.

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